Bowls and Spoons for sale

Bowls and Spoons for sale are listed below.

They can be viewed at the Studio in Telford, Shropshire by appointment. Please contact me if you would like to visit or make a purchase: email or 07779 967 710.

All items are finished with an organic Swedish raw linseed oil, either plain or with added pigment.
Raw linseed oil cures to provide an attractive and functional surface which can be hand washed.

Birch bowl, ultramarine over white, 32 X 15cm, 195 GBP

1711: Ultramarine birch bowl, 31cm X 15cm, 195 GBP

1710: Ultramarine alder bowl, 24cm X 12.5cm, 125 GBP

1510: ultramarine large poplar bowl, 50cm X 16cm. 395 GBP

This would make a fabulous centrepiece or salad bowl for special occasions.
Hand hewn from a large local hybrid poplar cut for safety reasons.
The remaining pieces were made into seats as they are adjacent to a footpath.


photo ©Nigel Hooton 2016
1640: very large poplar bowl, 54cm x 24cm. 1,800 GBP

This special statement piece has unusual grain patterning on the inside.

Hand hewn from this very old hybrid poplar blown over by a gale in 2015 at Easthope, Shropshire:


1639: Large birch burr bowl, 38cm x 20cm. 500 GBP

Hand hewn from a local tree which was cut down to make way for a new field gate. 
I had been watching this grow for 30 years!

This burr grew on the side of the birch caused initially by an injury, fungus or virus.
There are lines of included bark created as the burr grew like dough expanding.

Large Norway Maple figured ladle with hook, 37cm. 195 GBP
This beautifully figured ladle is made from the crook (where a branch grows out of the trunk) of a tree I planted as a seedling 30 years ago. The tree split apart in a storm in 2015 and this is one of only two large ladles I was able to make from it. Fortunately, the tree was able to be pollarded (cut about 2 metres above the ground) and it has started to grow again.

Watch this space for an updated ladle in 2046!

Using a crook means the grain follows the curve of the spoon giving it greater strength.


B1702: Salad/fruit bowl, medium, approx. 26cm x 9cm. 65 GBP
B1703: Salad/fruit bowl, large, approx. 32cm x 11cm. 95 GBP
Servers: medium 35 GBP pair, large 40 GBP pair. 

Medium salad bowl and servers: set £95
Large salad bowl and servers: set £125

These bowls are carved from an old poplar grown at Easthope in Shropshire. 
Available with white or blue detail. 


1641: Easthope poplar bowl 70cm x 22cm.  1,800 GBP

This is the largest bowl I have carved so far. It is hand hewn from the huge hybrid black poplar which blew down in a gale of 2015. Bowls of this size are difficult to dry without splitting so there are many attempts to achieve success. 

This tree is recorded as being over 100 years old and was left over from a planting cut at about 45 years old for match production. The wood is usually creamy white in colour but the extra maturity has given it a lovely walnut brown tinge.


1511: large poplar bowl, ultramarine pigment. 46cm x 17cm, 295 GBP

Hand hewn in 2015 from a large poplar cut down in Benthall, Shropshire for safety reasons.


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